Discover Our Facility

Our state-of-the-art training facility is designed to develop the most well-rounded athletes, providing each athlete the opportunity to learn as they begin his or her quest to a career in professional wrestling and sports entertainment.


In Show Style set up ring, we will train you from the ground level up to the highest level of training that all major companies look for.


Our olympic style weight room led by Strength and Conditioning Coach Ian Childress, provides the full functional style training needed to push you to your limits.


Nutrition is one of the key components in keeping your body conditioned and helping keep the look desired to be successful in our industry. Our on-site nutritionist, Carolyn Cuellari, will help you do just that. She will work one on one with you to make sure you are reaching all of your nutritional goals.


We emphasize on building strength, size and endurance of your muscles. Strength and conditioning training is highly beneficial for those who undergo the training as it helps in improving the overall health and well being of an individual.


1FW Live is our Live Event brand where our athletes are given a platform to perform in front of wrestling fans in the safety of our facility.  Athletes will not only perform in ring, but also take part in production, creative meetings, anything and everything involved with creating a Live Event!


QT Marshall


The Power Factory is led by Head Coach QT Marshall, who has been wrestling since the age of 18!  After nearly 15 years experience, QT has performed for every major wrestling organization in the country as well as Puerto Rico and South America.  When not coaching athletes the likes of Brandi Rhodes, QT currently works for All Elite Wrestling as a professional  wrestler and backstage producer.

Glacier Ray Lloyd

Co-owner and Assistant Coach

Co-owner and Assistant Coach, Glacier Ray Lloyd, of WCW Fame, serves mostly as an ambassador and spokesman for the facility.  Ray has nearly 40 years in the wrestling industry, studying under the likes of Lou Thesz and Dusty Rhodes to name a few.  In addition to wrestling, Ray also has a masters degree in education which helps deliver the knowledge to our athletes in a way that each can learn and properly understand.

Carolyn Cuellari


On site nutritionist, Carolyn Cuellari is available for each and every one of our athletes to ensure each athlete is properly feeding his or her body for ultimate functioning.  A graduate with a bachelors degree in Nutritional Science from Rutgers University, she works on an individual basis with each athlete to bring the absolute best physically and aesthetically.